A couple weeks ago, some relatives came to visit. One of their stories has stayed with me.  On their drive up to Portland from California, they stopped at Klamath Falls. While at Klamath Falls, they saw these little bugs called Midges, which we later found out were actually Klamath Falls Midges, Klamath Falls has their own species. Midges are these small green bugs that don’t really do much; the ones at Klamath Falls just sat on top of my relatives’ car. Also, the Klamath Falls Midges have no mouths.  But, there is one species of Midges that are mouthless, gutless, and legless! Think about that! They eat when they’re young and still have mouths, then when they grow up, they have sex and then die.  I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds like the life!


Portland Pageants

Today I received a letter from Portland Pageants.  But wait, there’s more. The letter started with, Dear Melina, you have been referred to us as having a daughter ages 7-19, who may enjoy modeling.  We would be happy to personally meet with both of you on Sunday September 14. She may also have another young lady attend the session with her who may also be interested in modeling.  Well! This is my chance to appear as a younger girl, and use my pseudonym, Melinda, or, for my daughter’s friend, Crystal. Who thinks I should do this?

Comparing cats to children

My cat, Reese, is reminding me more and more of a young human child.  Recently, he started enjoying playing Peek-A-Boo.  He sits in the bathtub, with no water in it, and crouches down, which prompts me to crouch down on the other side of the tub with my hands over my eyes.  We both pop up around the same time, he swipes at me with his paw/ scratches me and prepares for round 2.  I wouldn’t suggest adding the violent part to your version of peek-a-boo, just a suggestion.  His other favorite game is the swimming pool favorite, Marco Polo.  Granted, we aren’t in a swimming pool while we’re playing, but that doesn’t stop Reese.  I’ll be going upstairs to my computer and I’ll click for Reese to follow me.  I’ll continue clicking until I get to my computer and then I’ll stop.  All the while, Reese will be sitting at the bottom of the stairs just staring at me with his big eyed look.  Shortly after I’ve settled at my computer, he’ll meow for me plaintively, I’ll click back, he’ll meow again, getting closer, I’ll click, and on and on until he finds me.  Once he’s found me, he walks off to a completely different room.  It’s as though he’s thinking, all right, well, we completed Marco Polo, onto the next thing. Can you relate, dear readers?

Reese vs. The Beetle.

Early this afternoon, when I was trying to get ready to leave the house, my cat Reese turned my attention to this enormous beetle. I got scared, but Reese was calm, just sat there and looked at it. He was useless; he just stared at it. Eventually, I got up the courage to trap the bug under a cup. Eventually, Reese started swatting the cup with his tail, with more power by the minute.  His action gave me the courage to let the bug free out the window.  Minutes after I do that, Reese is biting and scratching my arms and legs. I was so irritated and confused, trying to tell him that that was what he was supposed to do with the bug that had been in the house not two minutes ago.  It seemed that he was trying to tell me that he was going to get to it eventually, why did I have to let it go? I’m saying, how long were you going to wait? Until the bug had made a family?